Applying for an AFPEx account

Application for an AFPEx account is open to GA Pilots and Airline Operators based in the United Kingdom. To apply, click on the AFPEx Application form on the link below. We will acknowledge your submission and verify the information you have provided through official channels and if your application is found to be suitable an account will be opened for you. You will be assigned an 8 letter AFTN address which will be exclusively for your own use.

NATS will audit your account regularly and contact you to confirm you still require it, if we are unable to contact you your account will be frozen and subsequently deleted. For this reason it is essential that you inform us of any contact detail changes, especially your email address as this will be used as a primary means of account auditing.

Please ensure that all details are filled in correctly on the application form as missing or incorrect data could lead to delay in processing your application.